February 2016

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Jaw Pain – Ways to Stop the Hurt

Jaw pain can be caused by a variety of sources. There could be an infection from an abscessed tooth, you might have been hit in the mouth with something, or you might experience tension in the jaw from clenching or grinding the… View More


Is an Abscessed Tooth Causing You a Lot of Pain?

Gum Disease Solutions in Chandler There are several issues that can cause pain in the mouth. You could have a small cut along the inside of the cheek or you might have a cavity that needs to be filled. Another issue… View More


Making Dental Care Fun for Kids

Teaching Proper Dental Care to Kids As a parent, you know that proper dental care is essential for helping your kids to preserve their smile for a lifetime, yet getting kids to brush and floss can often feel like pulling teeth. Fortunately, kids have a… View More