September 2016

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Flossing Teeth - Teach Your Child the Right Way

Flossing teeth regularly along with brushing properly is the perfect way to maintain a child's teeth and gums healthy.  This also helps your child maintain good oral health in his adulthood. Best Dentist for Kids in Chandler It is a… View More


What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition that people have when they feel that their mouth is constantly burning. It makes it difficult to eat or drink most foods and it can cause severe pain if not treated. Chandler Family Dentist Causes of Burning Mouth… View More


Thumbsucking - How It Affects a Child's Teeth

Best Dentist for Kids in Chandler Thumb and finger habits quickly become a part of the child’s daily routine. However, 75 percent of children outgrow their detrimental oral habits by the time they enter kindergarten. These habits often correct themselves due to peer pressure without the… View More