November 2017

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Appliances for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Chandler It has been estimated that as many as 40% of the US adult population suffer from some form of sleep related breathing disorder. They can range from mild snoring to the more serious obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Sleep-related breathing disorders can lead… View More


The Best Whitening Toothpaste Review

Teeth Whitening in Chandler A beautiful smile is easier to achieve now that whitening toothpaste variants are available that let you brush away stains during your normal oral hygiene routine. While there are tons of options on the market, it is… View More


Tooth-Friendly Foods You Should Stock Up On

Chandler Family Dentist Can you eat certain foods that will help you have healthy teeth? The answer to the question is a resounding “yes.” While some foods are notoriously bad for your teeth, other foods can keep your teeth stronger inside and out, and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.… View More