October 2018

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Is an Underbite Your Problem?

There are Solutions to Correct an Underbite It's a proven fact that people can be extremely self-conscious if their teeth aren't "normal" according to society's rules, reports the New York Times. Our appearance means a great deal to us. Chandler Family Dentist And a smile is a huge part of your overall look. If… View More


Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

A missing tooth can occur for a variety of reasons. While severe tooth decay and gum disease are common causes of tooth extractions, you may also lose a tooth as the result of an injury. In rare instances, some people are born without one or more permanent teeth. Replace Missing Tooth with Dental Bridges in… View More


10 Effective Ways to Remineralize Teeth

Your tooth enamel is made up of minerals such as calcium and phosphate that help it to stay strong. Teeth Cleaning in Chandler Unfortunately, your mouth is constantly exposed to materials and activities that cause your teeth to demineralize, which is a common culprit behind frequent… View More


Your Highly Trained Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is one of the first people you see when visiting the dentist. He or she may conduct procedures such as taking x-rays before the dentist comes in the room. Chandler Family Dentist While dental hygienists are often known for their calm mannerism and… View More