November 2018

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Why Dental Implants are Better Than Dentures

For years, dentures have been the usual replacement for missing teeth. However, as dentistry has evolved, new techniques have been developed to help patients receive optimum dental care. Dental Implants in Chandler One major upgrade in oral health is the use of dental implants. They are a much better… View More


Shumway Dental Care in the News

Our Day of Giving Back was a Great Success! We were very happy to be able to help many people who badly needed dental care but could not afford… View More


A Day of Giving Back

If you have dental needs but no insurance and without means to pay, we are here to help you. On November 16 we are offering a free dental service - cleaning, extraction or filling. All ages are welcome. First come, first served - so get here… View More


Informed Consent for Dental Procedures

Informed Consent – Is it Required for Dental Procedures? Before undergoing a certain dental procedure, your dentist will inform you regarding the process involved, the advantages, disadvantages, the risks and alternative treatments. Chandler Family… View More