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5 Dental Emergency Signs – Call Our Office Now

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing severe pain, a broken or chipped tooth, or any other dental emergency,call our office right away so we can work you in as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist in Chandler

*If it is after hours you will be given a phone number to call  to reach one of our dentists.*

We are ready and willing to handle emergency problems – even if you are not an existing patient – so that you don’t lose one or more teeth.

Not sure? Below are 5 reasons why you should call us for an emergency appointment.

Reason 1: Dental Emergency – Chipped Tooth

If you have achipped tooth in your mouth, call us to get an emergency appointment. You might chip a tooth while falling from a bicycle or by eating a hard food such as a carrot stick. Whatever the cause, you should have it repaired immediately.

When you have a chip in a tooth, food debris can get stuck in the crack. This can lead to bacterial growth. We can fill a chip in a tooth to make it look beautiful again.

Reason 2: Pain Toward the Back of Your Mouth

When you have pain toward the back of your mouth, it is often caused by impacted wisdom teeth. You may have one or more third molars underneath your gum tissue, and when your mouth is too small, there is no room for the teeth to erupt from your gums.

Fortunately, we can relieve your pain and then remove wisdom teeth in an office procedure. After the teeth are removed, you will feel better.

Reason 3: A Filling Comes Out of a Tooth

If you have fillings in your teeth, it is possible for one to fall out. This is a dental emergency – it not only can this cause pain in your mouth, bacteria will enter the hole, leading to additional contamination.

We will clean the crevice where the filling was located before re-filling it with a color-matching composite material.

Reason 4: A Severe Toothache

When you have a severe toothache, you need to visit a dental office immediately for treatment. A toothache is an indication that there is an infection in the gums or dental roots. This situation will get worse without fast treatment.

In some cases, we can clean away the bacteria with special instruments to eliminate an infection. You may also need to take oral antibiotics to get rid of a tooth infection. In other situations, you will need a root canal procedure to remove the interior portion of a diseased tooth.

Reason 5: You Dislocate a Tooth

One scary dental emergency is when you dislocate a tooth! Having a dislocated tooth requires immediate attention from your dentist.

You should protect the tooth’s roots by placing it in a damp cloth. Do not rinse any debris from the tooth because it can damage the nerves, preventing reattachment in the gum tissue.

It is essential to get to a dentist’s office as soon as possible so the tooth can be reinserted into the gums and then stabilized with wires. Within several days, you will know if the tooth is receiving oxygen from a blood supply.

Shumway Dental Care is accepting new patients and would love to be yourChandler dentist. Call our office today for an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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