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How Sedation Dentistry Can Change Your Life

Let’s face it- we are afraid of dental visits because we think dental procedures might hurt. This is somewhat true, some dental procedures sure stay with you for a while. So, sedation dentistry is your one-stop solution to getting relief from dental pain. Come let’s explore the major facts about sedation dentistry we bet you didn’t know.  

What is Sedation Dentistry and what are the benefits?

The use of dental sedation to keep patients calm during dental procedures is common in dental care settings. This involves the usage of sedating medications on patients. Dental sedation stops you from experiencing the scenario when you are so anxious at the dentist’s that you are on the verge of passing out. After being sedated, you feel carefree even if you are physically awake. You gain a wide range of advantages following dental sedation, including:

  • It aids in reducing any discomfort that you could feel throughout the dental operation.
  • Nervous patients frequently experience anxiety before potential dental procedures. The answer to this issue is sedation dentistry. As a result, individuals can conquer their fear.
  • The gag reflex is another major concern, which tends to prevent patients from getting a dental procedure done. Spasms in patients might lead to damage, and dental sedation prevents that. 

What is the Procedure Involved

Varying levels of sedation dentistry tend to exist based on the unique needs of the patients. Some of the major factors tend to include your level of anxiety as well as the length and severity of the procedure. There are varied ways in which dental sedation is delivered to your body. For instance, oral conscious sedation is the most common one, where dentists are found to give you sedation medicine an hour before your dental procedure. Then you have intravenous sedation, which involves delivering sedation medication into your bloodstream through an IV line. However, before opting for dental sedation, it is important that you first discuss your condition and preferences with your dentist. 

How do I Choose A Good Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry is your best solution to ease pain from horrific dental procedures. Sedation dentists tend to ensure that you don’t suffer from the pain or discomfort that it brings forth. Here are some ways in which you can choose the most suitable sedation dentist for you:

  • You must choose a sedation dentist with IV sedation certification. It is because IV tends to deliver a stronger level of sedation and the effect is immediate. 
  • Schedule a face-to-face appointment with the sedation dentist. This will help you to tell them your preference so that they can evaluate your condition too. 

What are the Risks of Sedation Dentistry Procedure

Although sedation dentistry is considered to be safe when administered during a dental procedure, there are certain risks associated with it. The following are the possible risks you might experience from sedation dentistry and are:

  • You might keep on experiencing drowsiness even after the dental procedure.
  • It is often difficult to effectively predict the effects of medications related to oral sedation.
  • There is an added risk of respiratory depression, which is often referred to as hypoventilation or obstruction in your airways. 

Side Effects of a Sedation Dentistry Procedure

Sedation dentistry surely helps you to ease the pain from dental procedures, but certain side effects might stay even after the dental process is over. They are:

  • Patients might lose the memory of the dental procedure and experience fogginess. 
  • Sometimes, due to the administering of dental sedation, patients are often found to experience nausea and headaches, which are also followed by vomiting. 

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