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Correcting Bite Problems

19 May, 2016 cosmetic-dentistry, invisalign

bite problemsThe majority of people would be happy to have a nice straight smile. But, in order for that to be possible, a “normal” bite is needed.

Correct Bite Problems with Invisalign in Chandler

While many of us have an overbite others have an underbite, both of which give an uneven look to the mouth and, at times, make it difficult to eat. With an overbite, the top teeth tend to protrude over the bottom teeth.

And while this is the most commonly corrected bite, depending upon the severity, a person’s self-esteem may suffer as it sometimes affects talking, chewing and the way the lips come together.

An underbite can often put more strain on the muscles in the lower part of the mouth as the bottom teeth will fit over the top teeth. This particular misalignment can be as a result of grinding teeth, missing teeth or thumb sucking as a child.

One way to correct bite problems is with braces. You can choose traditional braces with metal brackets or invisible braces that are difficult for others to see. The invisible braces are more like a tray that is placed in the mouth. It requires going back to the dentist every few months to get a new tray made as the teeth shift inside the mouth. Traditional braces stay on for a couple of years in some cases. The wires are tightened about once every other month. This is what will pull the teeth to a position that is suitable. A small rubber band might be needed as well. The band is connected from one hook to another in the mouth further pulling the teeth to where they should be in regards to function and appearance.

Reshaping some of the teeth is another option for those who have teeth that might not fit correctly in their mouth. The procedure will change the look of the teeth in length and shape. This will help the position of the teeth which can then alter the bite. All of the teeth will fit together so that they function in a better manner without having the severe bite issue as before.

Sometimes, tooth loss can result in a different bite. Damage to the teeth can also cause them to shift which can lead toward misalignment. Reconstruction is an option that some Chandler dentists recommend. If there are teeth missing, then consider an implant. This is when a new tooth is placed in the mouth acting as a natural tooth in function and look. Filling a cavity is an option if part of the tooth is broken. However, this is usually only a temporary solution as the tooth could still break off in the future. A crown also can be placed, giving more strength to the tooth.

If there are several teeth missing, then consider a bridge or dentures. A bridge is made by taking a mold of the mouth. It fits like normal teeth and can be removed so that it can be cleaned. Dentures are a complete set of teeth. If all of the teeth in the mouth aren't removed, then the remaining ones are pulled before dentures are made and placed in the mouth. Once the dentures are placed, then the bite is more natural compared to what it would be like if teeth are missing.

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