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Fun Dental Care Activities for Toddlers

24 Apr, 2018 childrens-dentistry

Dental Care Activities for ToddlersIf you have toddlers in your family, then it’s important to get them excited about caring for their teeth.

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Children's dental care, when started early and made enjoyable, will set them up for a lifetime of good dental habits.

You can help a toddler to enjoy the process by providing an assortment of fun activities.

They'll get more excited about brushing their teeth, take more time doing it, and will be proud of their accomplishment.

Dental Care Activity 1: Visit a Drugstore to Buy Toothpaste

Take your toddlers to a drugstore to let them buy their favorite toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste.

Your child will love using the items they have selected for brushing and flossing. When you are ready to buy the dental care items, let your child pay for the products, and permit them to carry the bag to your vehicle.

Dental Care Activity 2: Find Children's Books About the Dentist

Visit a public library to find books about visiting the dentist or caring for your teeth. Toddlers love picture books that you can read to them at bedtime, and after you read it to them a few times, they often have the words memorized.

Not only does reading to a child boost their learning levels, but these types of books will help your child become more enthusiastic about flossing or brushing their teeth.

Dental Care Activity 3: Give Your Toddler a Dentist Role-Playing Kit

Give your child a play dentist's kit so that they can role-play as a dentist. You can find pretend dentist's kits at local or online toy stores.

This type of toy is often in a plastic box or satchel that has a handle to carry it, and it will contain play dental care tools such as devices that are used to examine or clean the teeth.

Your child will enjoy using their dolls or stuffed animals as patients so that they can practice examining pretend gums and teeth.

Dental Care Activity 4: Make Homemade Children's Toothpaste

You can make homemade children's toothpaste with your toddlers. Look for easy toothpaste recipes online, and it is simple to find the ingredients at local stores. You can find empty plastic tubes for storing it.

Let your toddler mix the ingredients together in a mixing bowl, and after the toothpaste is ready, your toddler will become excited about brushing their teeth twice a day with their own creation.

Dental Care Activity 5: Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

If you have a family pet such as a dog or cat, then it also needs to have its teeth brushed to remove food particles that cause tooth decay and gingivitis. Make sure to buy specialized toothpaste for your pet, and as you are brushing an animal's teeth, your toddler can watch the process.

Your child may also want to help with brushing your pet’s teeth, and this process can help them learn how to brush their own teeth.

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