Is an Abscessed Tooth Causing You a Lot of Pain?

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There are several issues that can cause pain in the mouth. You could have a small cut along the inside of the cheek or you might have a cavity that needs to be filled. Another issue is an abscessed tooth. This is an infection that occurs at the root of the tooth. It can also occur between the tooth and the gum line. No matter where it is in the mouth, it can cause severe pain that often is not managed by over-the-counter medications. Bacteria will settle into the spaces of the tooth that are decayed, which will lead to the infection that develops.


Some people don't experience many symptoms of an abscess at all until they are hit with a sudden pain. As with many infections, one of the first signs is a fever. It's usually low-grade and similar to what you might see with a cold. You may experience pain while you're eating. This could result in not being able to eat anything on the side of the damaged tooth. There could be a bitter taste in the mouth and the smell of the breath could be affected. General discomfort is common. However, when you begin to feel a sharp pain through the jaw or underneath the tooth, then it's likely a result of an abscess. If the infection is severe, you could see drainage from the tooth.

There are times when the pulp of the tooth might completely die. If this happens, then the pain usually goes away. However, it could result in losing the tooth as there is nothing there to hold it in place. The infection will still be in the gums and it could spread to other areas of the body. An antibiotic will help to remove the infection that is in the mouth.


abscessed toothThere are a few ways that an abscessed tooth can be treated. A root canal is one option if there is any part of healthy tooth left. At times, the abscess might need to be drained. This is usually only in severe cases, and it's usually done only if you can already see any of the infection draining in the mouth. If there is damage beyond repair, then the tooth will likely be extracted. This means that the dentist will pull the tooth. An antibiotic will usually be given before the removal of the tooth and you will need to take the medication after it is removed to eliminate the infection. New technology offers a way that isn't as painful to eliminate the abscess. A laser can be used to gently remove the infection. This will help decrease any further infection that might occur.


The best way to prevent an abscess is to maintain good oral health. Brush the teeth at least twice a day, and floss daily. Visit the dentist every six months so that any cavities can be detected. If the cavity is seen in time, then it can be filled or treated before it results in an abscess.

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