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Sleep Apnea - Helpful Ways to Get Better Rest

31 Jul, 2020 sleep-apneasnoring

woman cannot sleep due to sleep apneaWhen you have sleep apnea, snoring might be the least of your problems. Untreated sleep apnea leads to serious health consequences over time. People who stop breathing during the night experience excessive daytime fatigue that puts them at risk for accidents and low productivity.

The symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions often worsen when a person doesn’t get enough rest. Stopping breathing as you sleep can lead to low blood oxygen levels. This can impact cardiovascular health. As upsetting as all of this might sound, there are many ways to breathe easier at night and get better rest. 

Start With an Accurate Diagnosis

doctor diagnosis of sleep apnea written on paperSleep apnea generates symptoms that can sometimes be caused by other issues. Heavy snoring could be due to your sleep position or obstructions in your sinuses. People with allergies and colds sometimes snore temporarily until their sinus passages are clear.

It is also possible to snore loudly without breathing interruptions. Physicians can diagnose sleep apnea based upon a description of the symptoms. Sleep studies provide a more accurate diagnosis. During a sleep study, special monitors are used to measure your vital signs and track instances where breathing stops.

After the diagnosis is made, your doctor will create a prescription for treatments that address the underlying reasons for why you have difficulty breathing.

Use a CPAP Machine Regularly

man using CPAP machine at night to sleep betterA CPAP machine is often one of the first things that people try to get better rest. These machines use forced air to keep the airways open. They are effective in reducing how often people quit breathing. The machines are also beneficial for limiting snoring.

Some people do find that the machine is hard to use at night. The CPAP requires a person to wear a mask, which might be uncomfortable for side and stomach sleepers. The machines have gotten quieter over the years, but they still generate some noise. This side effect of using the machine is a common reason for people to skip using it.

Explore the Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

For people who find CPAP machines noisy, uncomfortable, or too hard to clean, there is a solution. Oral appliance therapy involves wearing a device that holds your jaw in the best position for creating proper airflow as you sleep.

The appliance fits much like a retainer and requires a similar level of upkeep. It is quiet, portable, and hardly noticeable once you adjust to wearing one. We create custom-fit oral appliances that ensure that you feel comfortable wearing it every night.

Oral appliances for sleep apnea are sometimes used along with CPAP machines. They can also work alone. They are a great first step to try to end sleep apnea symptoms when you want to avoid invasive surgeries or using a noisy machine.

Initiate Other Helpful Lifestyle Changes

In addition to using an oral appliance, it helps to address sleep apnea from every possible angle. Losing weight can help to relieve pressure on your airway. Quitting smoking can reduce inflammation that contributes to difficulty breathing. Sleeping on your side or back is another strategy that you can try. This is easier when you choose to use an oral appliance.

Did you know that a trip to the dentist could result in more restful sleep? Oral appliances are a non-invasive way to treat your apnea symptoms. With a custom-fitted appliance, you can enjoy more comfort through the night and wake up well-rested each morning.

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