Things to Do in Chandler AZ

A visit to Chandler, AZ reveals a bustling downtown area that is surrounded by the natural beauty that you would expect to find in this southwestern state. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy multiple venues that all offer unique benefits for planning an enjoyable day.

These are just a few of the hot spots that everyone should get a chance to enjoy during their visit to Chandler.

Explore the Arizona Railway Museum

Open-air museums provide the opportunity to explore a bit of history when it is beautiful outside. This museum is a recreation of the original Chandler train station, and it taps into the rich history of railroads throughout the southwest.

While here, you can explore the inside of a passenger train, get the chance to ring the bell of a steam engine and enjoy a glimpse of how the railways have changed from the past to now.

Enjoy Nature in Veterans Oasis Park

Animal lovers can get their fill of beautiful Arizona wildlife during a trip to this in-town oasis. The Veterans Oasis Park is filled with amenities such as four-miles of walking trails, an urban fishing lake and lovely waterfalls.

With a picnic area and playground, this is also the perfect family-friendly place to enjoy a pretty day.

Visit the Eddie Basha Collection
of Western American and American Indian Art

Chandler is host to one of the finest collections of southwest art in a variety of mediums. There are over 3,000 items in the collection, and they are all beautifully displayed to give visitors a birds-eye view of the immense detail that each basket, piece of pottery and painting has that makes it so unique.

Check Out the Chandler Museum

Whether you’ve lived in Chandler for years or have recently fallen in love with the city, it is fun to learn more about the history of how the town came to be. At the Chandler Museum, you can enjoy a docent-led tour that gives you even more insight into each thing that you see.

Finding things to do in Chandler, AZ is as easy as deciding whether or not you want to spend the day inside or out. From museums to eateries and public parks, the options for recreation are wide open.

Now, all you have to do is decide if you want to hit each item on the list or find the perfect one to make your trip an exciting experience.


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