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Making Tooth Brushing Fun for Kids

09 Jan, 2017 childrens-dentistry, cleaning, dental-care, general-dentistry

Making Tooth Brushing Fun for KidsAs a parent, you know that your kid’s oral hygiene routine is necessary for teaching them habits that will preserve their beautiful smile. Yet, getting kids on board for tooth brushing is often more like pulling teeth. While it may be tempting to threaten your kid with dentures, these ideas below will make tooth brushing fun that you may just find them randomly brushing their teeth for pure enjoyment.

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Tooth Brushing Fun Tip #1: Surprise Them with a Cool Toothbrush

Most dentists recommend changing your kid’s toothbrush every three months and after an illness, so it’s probably about time for a new one. This time around, explore the many different types of toothbrushes that are available. From cartoon character themes for younger kids to ones that play songs that are perfect for teens, your kid will be more excited to comply with their oral hygiene routine when they have a toothbrush that reflects their personality.

Tooth Brushing Fun Tip #2: Turn it Into a Game

When was the last time you participated in a tooth brushing race? Since you know your kids needs to brush for at least two minutes, try seeing who can brush their teeth the longest. Alternatively, place your kids side by side and see who can keep brushing until the timer runs out. Making this part of the day a fun way to bond with you and their siblings will have kids clamoring to join in on the game.

Tooth Brushing Fun Tip #3: Try a Dental Science Experiment

Kids are naturally visual learners, and they often don’t care about brushing their teeth because they cannot visualize the negative effects that may occur far into the future. Help them make the connection between the food they eat and cavities by performing a classic science experiment. Seeing an egg shell soften in acidic vinegar or watching as the egg darkens in response to soda lets kids see firsthand what can happen when they treat tooth brushing like it is an option.

Tooth Brushing Fun Tip #4: Highlight the Plaque

Discovering plaque on your teeth might make you turn many shades of red, but your kids will think it’s cool to watch as their teeth turn an interesting hue. Plaque disclosing tablets and rinses are a simple way to show your kids the areas of their mouth that need some extra brushing. To keep it interesting, don’t use them all the time. Instead, keep them as an ace in your pocket to pull out on those nights when your kids are groaning about brushing their teeth.

Tooth Brushing Fun Tip #5: Turn Up the Tunes

Most songs last about two to three minutes, which is the optimal time your kids should be brushing their teeth. Bring a music player into the bathroom and encourage your kids to dance to a favorite song as they brush their teeth. Be sure to change up the songs every time and your kid will look forward to their new favorite ritual.

When tooth-brushing time has become a drag, it is important to whip out a few tricks for making it fun. Kids are naturally attracted to activities in their daily routine that are entertaining so be willing to turn their oral hygiene into a fun part of their day. As they begin to brush their teeth without being reminded, remember to praise their efforts for maintaining their beautiful smile.

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