Do You Believe These Tooth Care Myths?

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The professionals working at your family dentist office frequently learn that their patients believe in several tooth care myths. Some of these myths, passed down for several generations in a family, can lead to dental health problems.

Tooth Care Myth 1: Use Baking Soda to Brush Your Teeth

In the past, people used baking soda to brush their teeth because that is all that was available. Among the list of tooth care myths, this has been practiced by many. However, today there are better options. Look for high-quality toothpaste at your local drugstore. Older children and adults should choose toothpaste that contains fluoride. But parents should find specialized toothpaste for toddlers because they often swallow toothpaste accidentally.

Tooth Care Myth 2: Sugar Is the Main Cause of Cavities

While it is a good idea to avoid sugar, it is not the only food ingredient that can cause cavities. Today, there are many foods that stick to your teeth, leading to debris that is stuck in the spaces and along the gums. Some of the foods include potato chips, pastries or candies.

Tooth Care Myth 3: Flossing Is Not Really Necessary

You might think that flossing is only required when you can see food stuck between your teeth, but you should floss your teeth each evening. When you begin to use dental floss on a nightly basis, you will notice how much food debris is left behind after you have brushed your teeth. By flossing, you are less likely to develop cavities or gingivitis.

Tooth Care Myth 4: Any Toothbrush Is Suitable for Your Teeth

There are numerous styles of toothbrushes available and you might simply grab one while at a drugstore. However, it is a good idea to think about the type of toothbrush that you buy. Make sure to find one that has soft bristles that won’t damage the enamel on your teeth. In addition, consider the size of the toothbrush’s head and its handle.

Tooth Care Myth 5: You Can Eat Anything and Still Have Healthy Teeth

If you think that it is okay to eat junk food all the time, then you will have poor dental health. A nutritious diet of lean protein, whole-grain foods and dairy products along with vegetables and fruits are essential when you want to have strong teeth and healthy gums. Make sure that everyone in your family consumes meals that contain a variety of nutrients.

Tooth Care Myth 6: Dental Guards Aren’t Necessary While Playing Sports

When you are playing sports, you might think that it is okay to leave your dental guard at home. This is a bad idea. Hundreds of patients make emergency telephone calls to a family dentist or rush to a hospital's emergency room because they have broken or dislocated teeth. Wear a custom-fitted dental guard or buy a generic one at a drugstore before playing sports.

Tooth Care Myth 7: Regular Dental Checkups Are a Waste of Time

If you fail to visit your family dentist every six months, then it is possible to develop large cavities or gingivitis. With a routine dental appointment, a dentist can find a small problem in its earliest stages.

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