Is an Underbite Your Problem?

There are Solutions to Correct an Underbite

It's a proven fact that people can be extremely self-conscious if their teeth aren't "normal" according to society's rules, reports the New York Times. Our appearance means a great deal to us.

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And a smile is a huge part of your overall look. If you suffer from an underbite, you may be concerned about your facial features.

Discover the choices that both children and adults have when it comes to the care of this condition and treatment. There are permanent solutions.

Learning About Underbite

Most people don't have perfect teeth or jawlines. These features are all genetically determined. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw protrudes outward from beneath the upper jaw.

Underbites aren't as common as overbites, and they seem more noticeable as the jaw overlaps the upper teeth. You might have chewing issues, breathing concerns and speech impediments.

This is your problem when it bothers you daily. Whether you see it in yourself or your children, it's an ailment that should be addressed.

Breaking Down Treatment Types

Treating a child's underbite is much more comfortable than an adult's situation. The reason why is related to developmental stages.

Children have dental palates that are still forming. In fact, the palates grow and evolve until they fuse sometime around the age of 16 years, states Colgate.

Look at the treatment types for underbites that are geared toward children. Their palatal bones are simply easier to manipulate than an adult's oral cavity.

  • Reverse-Pull Face Masks

An orthodontist might suggest a face-mask treatment that involves a wraparound device. It attaches to the upper molars. Doctors adjust the tension in the device so that the upper jaw moves slightly backwards. As a result, your underbite issue is resolved by altering the upper jaw.

  • Upper-Jaw Expander

A standard way to deal with underbites is by expanding the upper palate with expanders. A mold, resembling a retainer, is temporarily positioned on the upper palate. With a parent's help, he or she widens the expander every day with the turn of a key.

By expanding the upper palate, the underbite can line up with the rest of the teeth. The expansion is a permanent change to the child's mouth.

  • Chin Cap

This treatment type resembles the face mask, but the pressure concentrates on the chin. A cap across the chin pulls the lower jaw back so that the underbite isn't so prominent.

Exploring Adult Options for Underbites

Adults who went through their childhoods without any orthodontia care may have oral-cavity issues now. Treatments geared toward children won't work for adults. The palate is fused and cannot be adjusted with everyday devices.

Surgery is the only recourse for adults. Talented, oral surgeons can create a plan that involves altering the jaw's position.

Every person’s medical position is unique. So your surgical options will be customized to your needs.


You don't have to live with an underbite. Seek out treatment for yourself or your children. Addressing any dental issues as soon as possible is a great way to reduce the time and cost involved in your care. A beautiful smile is the result of your efforts.

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