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5 Life Changes That Can Affect Your Teeth

Your oral health needs change throughout each stage of life. As a young child, you likely only needed regular cleanings and simple treatments to keep your teeth healthy. Once you get older, you may begin to see the effects of your lifestyle on your teeth. 

Gum Disease Treatment in Chandler

Gum disease, enamel erosion and decay are just a few issues that are all preventable if you know when to take action. These five life changes are all times when you need to pay extra attention to caring for your teeth.

You Start a Family

You experience hormonal changes during pregnancy that can increase yourrisk for developing gingivitis. With regular professional cleanings and stringent attention to your at-home care techniques you can make sure that this condition goes away after pregnancy. 

Severe morning sickness can also strip away tooth enamel, and your dentist can offer solutions such as rinsing with water after a bout of vomiting. Once your baby is born, you may also need to work harder to squeeze in toothbrushing sessions when you are already exhausted from late night feedings.

You Start or Leave a Job

Your new work schedule may cause you to fall out of your normal routine. Make sure to plan time to brush your teeth in the morning and again at night. Getting hired or stepping down from a position may also affect your dental insurance. 

Always let us know about any changes with your insurance so that we can help you stay aware of all of your financial options for treatment.

You Begin to Travel Frequently

Your new job may require frequent business trips overseas, or you may have started cruising the world after retirement. Either way, frequent travel often means a busy itinerary that makes it harder to care for your teeth. 

Try packing hygiene kits with portable supplies such as finger brushes and floss picks that make it easy to clean your teeth in a hurry. 

You Receive a New Health Diagnosis

Other health changes have a dramatic impact upon your teeth. For example, diabetes can restrict blood flow to the mouth and cause sores to heal more slowly. 

New medications, such as those used to treat high blood pressure and allergies, can cause dry mouth. This places you at greater risk for developing cavities. 

Be sure to list any health changes on your information sheet when you come to an appointment so that we can prescribe treatments that keep them from affecting the beauty of your smile.

You Quit Smoking

The connection between smoking and gum disease is well known. Yet, you may not notice the signs of a problem with your gums until you quit. Smoking restricts blood flow to your mouth. This is why you may not notice signs such as bleeding or redness until you kick the habit and normal blood flow is restored. 

If you notice changes in your gums, don’t get frustrated. Going back to smoking will only prolong the problem. Instead, let us know about your new lifestyle. We can perform special cleanings and apply medication that gets your gums back to better health.

Establishing a dental home means that we can guide you through each stage of your life to address changes that impact your oral health. We encourage you to mention new changes as they occur so that we can take extra precautions to make sure that you maintain strong teeth and gums no matter what life brings your way.

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