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Dental emergencies involve painful infections or trauma to the teeth or soft tissues of your mouth. We may also consider certain situations a dental emergency even if they are not painful.

For instance, losing a front tooth or dental restoration could be considered an emergency if you have a concern about your appearance.

Our Chandler office dental care staff is always ready to help you handle an emergency as soon as possible.

Know How to Apply First Aid

The choices that you make immediately after a trauma occurs to the teeth or gums makes a big difference in the outcome. 

  • Knocked out tooth - Try to hold the tooth in the socket while you drive to our office. You can also place it in a glass of milk or a special tooth preservative.
  • Loose tooth - Try to stabilize it in the socket and avoid anything that places pressure on the tooth such as eating hard foods until you have an exam.
  • Severe pain - Use an over-the-counter pain reliever until we can diagnose the source of the pain and recommend further treatment.
  • MIssing restoration - If a crown or filling falls out, try to avoid placing too much pressure on that tooth until it is restored.

When you call to schedule your emergency dental appointment, our staff can provide you with further first aid instructions to protect your oral health and provide greater comfort until you arrive at our office.

Receive a Proper Diagnosis

At first glance, many dental emergencies seem worse than they actually are. The saliva in your mouth can sometimes make bleeding seem worse, and dental injuries can be very painful regardless of their severity. When you visit our office, we will first stop any bleeding and take steps to reduce swelling.

Once you are comfortable, we can then use a visual exam of your mouth combined with x-rays to make an accurate diagnosis of the injury. In some cases, there may not be damage that is visible to the naked eye.

For instance, you may see swelling from a blow to the mouth, yet we also find that the root of a tooth has been damaged. Knowing the full extent of the injury gives you reassurance that all possible issues are handled to prevent future problems.

Get an Immediate Repair or Restoration

In many cases, we can correct the problem immediately in our office. We offer several same day procedures such as replacing a broken filling or restoring a chipped tooth. We even offer same day crowns so that you can leave our office with an intact smile.

Find Affordable Emergency Dental Care

A problem tooth or blow to the mouth does not wait until you have included it in your budget. We know that dental emergencies happen at the worst times, and finding affordable care is important for families. We work with several dental insurance companies, but we do urge you to check your policy since coverages can vary.

We also accept cash, checks and credit cards. CareCredit is another financial option that you can choose to use to make getting your teeth repaired easier on your budget. 

Your mouth is one of your most important facial features, and your teeth help you eat, speak and feel confident. Never hesitate to get an emergency situation checked out since every minute may count when it comes to preserving your smile.