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One of the most frustrating things in life is losing teeth. We’ve seen it many times—patients hiding their smiles, eating less, struggling with lower confidence. But we can help you escape from this problem. Dentures can give you the beautiful smile you want at any age!

Types of Dentures

We have three options for dentures at Shumway. We’ll present them to you at your consultation and help you easily choose between them. We’ll give you our recommendation, and most patients have no trouble pointing out the type that will fit their lifestyle the best. The options are:

  • Traditional Dentures: These dentures rest on your gums through suction and denture adhesive. You can chew most foods, smile, and take your dentures out for cleaning. We also offer partials, which fill in for several lost teeth and fit around your remaining natural teeth.
  • Custom, High-End Dentures: We can carefully craft each tooth in a custom set of dentures to give you the ideal tooth size and shape that will look best in your mouth. Just because your teeth were a certain size before doesn’t mean your denture teeth have to look that way now.
  • Implant Supported Dentures: This newer type of dentures is securely attached to several titanium posts inserted in your jawbone. They stay rock-solid while eating any type of food, speaking, or exercising—acting just like natural teeth!

Our promise to you is to recommend only the type of dentures that will serve you best, not a type that will enrich us. Our patients know that they can trust us, and we want to keep that reputation with you. Let’s discuss your options for dentures or partials and choose the type that fits your preferences.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Some patients prefer implant-supported dentures when they have already tried and not liked traditional dentures. They might have not been able to keep traditional dentures in place while eating or talking. Other patients simply want to move straight to the more secure option, after seeing the success their friends have had.

Implant dentures are so secure because they are anchored in place by titanium implants. We offer permanent implant dentures that are attached to implants and do not move. These act like your permanent teeth. Removable implant dentures may also be available, which can be taken out for convenient cleaning; ask our qualified implant dentists for more information.

At Shumway Dental Care, we make sure to keep you comfortable during the process of getting your dental implants and creating your custom implant-supported dentures. We will perform all these services right here in our office so that you don’t have to travel anywhere else.

Contact Dr. Shumway for Denture Options

No matter what type of partials or dentures you choose, we will help you use them successfully. We’ll help you become confident with them, and we’ll follow up with you to make sure that they’re performing the way you want. Call Shumway Dental Care today for your first appointment.

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