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TMJ Treatment

If you have chronic headaches or pains in other areas or your face, neck, or even shoulders, these may be caused by a disorder in the joint of your jaw— known as your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. The pain of TMJ disorder, or TMD, can be terrible.

TMJ Pain Relief

Are you looking for headache relief? Then you may need TMJ treatment. At Shumway Dental Care, we want to relieve you of the pain and frustration that this problem causes. You may be surprised to find out that the solution may be much simpler than you expected.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMD can cause migraines, ringing in the ears, sore jaws, extra tooth wear, a locked or clicking jaw, and other pains and inconveniences.

For headache relief and treatment for other TMJ pains, our top TMJ treatments include:

  • Night Guards: We can create a customized mouth guard that prevents your teeth from grinding together while you sleep. This relieves the jaw joints of unnecessary strain and gives them time to heal.
  • Trigger-Point Injection: We inject a pain reliever into a crucial point, which gives the nerves and tissues rest and reduces painful inflammation.
  • Electrical Nerve Therapy: We can use low levels of electricity to relax a painful nerve and muscle.

Radio wave therapies and surgery are also available. The most important thing for now is to take the next step. Call us to start on the road to having your pain managed.

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Probably the greatest benefit of TMJ treatment is getting relief from distraction. Having constant pain always on your mind can take away attention from what is important in your life. We want to give you back the focus and energy you need.

You’ll appreciate having these services at Shumway Dental Care, because we have a friendly and close-knit dental team. We want to keep you comfortable here and develop trust with you. We have helped many other patients with TMD, and we can back up our credentials with our memberships in the American Dental Association and the Arizona Dental Association.

Contact Shumway Dental Care for TMJ Treatment

If you’re in pain from TMD and want headache relief and a friendly team on your side, call Shumway Dental Care now! We can help find the right treatment for you that will give you back the quality of life you deserve. Call for an appointment.

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