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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and BridgesIf one of your teeth is damaged or even missing, a dental crown or dental bridge can repair it or replace it. At Shumway Dental Care, we don’t want you to struggle any more with a damaged tooth or an empty tooth socket. We can use very fast restorative dentistry techniques—even fabricating new crowns here in our office—to give your teeth the protection and relief you need.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover the top and sides of a tooth with a customized new chewing surface and visible area. That means even if a tooth was damaged, your new dental crown will work just like new, letting you chew and smile with confidence. We’ll make sure the color and shape of it look exactly right to fit in with your other teeth.

Our friendly team members at Shumway Dental Care are excited to see you smiling again. We’ll be honest with you when you truly need a tooth crown; we’ll explain the procedure and prices and only move ahead when you’re truly ready. Plus, you can even get CEREC same-day crowns here. Imagine having a fully repaired tooth in just one appointment!

CEREC Same Day Crowns

Our CEREC system lets us complete the tooth crown process right here in our office, from start to finish. We scan your tooth, design a custom tooth cap, and then mill the new crown from high-quality materials in another room all in our convenient Chandler location.

Lastly, we’re able to fit the dental crown and bond it in place while you’re still in the dental chair. Same-day crowns are so convenient for patients, because they don’t have to come back for multiple visits during this process.

When and Why Are Tooth Crowns Needed?

If you truly need a dental crown, we’ll recommend one. We are known for our integrity, and we’re not about to change that. You may benefit from a tooth cap if you have a:

  • Major cavity.
  • A filling that has worn out.
  • A damaged, discolored, or misshapen tooth.

We can also use a dental crown to protect a tooth from further infection after we have cleaned it out in a root canal treatment. The crown creates a protective new surface that won’t allow new bacteria in.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an appliance that holds a replacement tooth—or even several replacement teeth—in place. Unlike a dental implant, though, this will not require a surgical implantation. We will simply create a custom crown to replace your tooth (if you’re missing just one), and place that into an appliance called a bridge.

The bridge is then secured to teeth on either side of the empty socket, holding the new crown in place. You can chew with it, talk, and smile, just like a natural tooth.

Contact Dr. Shumway for Crowns and Bridges

For a missing or damaged tooth, a dental crown or dental bridge is often an effective solution. Call Shumway Dental Care for CEREC same-day crowns or a dental bridge. We’ll find you the first appointment we have and treat you like a friend.

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