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Everything You Should Know About Root Canals

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment that is used to repair and restore a severely decayed or infected tooth. Root canal treatment is performed in the pulp, which is composed of nerves and blood vessels. During root canal treatment, the infected pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

What Are The Steps For A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal therapy is done in the following steps:

  • Cleaning The Root Canal

The patient is put under local anesthesia. The dentist in Chandler makes a hole on the surface of the affected tooth to access the infected pulp.

  • Filling The Root Canal

The dentist will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the area with the help of tiny files and irrigation solutions. The hollow area is filled with rubber-like material also known as gutta-percha. This seals the tooth completely.

After the root canal in Chandler, AZ, the tooth is dead. The patient will no longer feel any pain in that tooth as the nerve tissue is removed.

  • Adding A Crown Or Filling

The tooth is now fragile and without pulp, it doesn’t receive enough nourishment. This will make your tooth more brittle over time, therefore, it is recommended to place a crown for protection and strength. Until the crown is placed, avoid chewing from the affected area.

Does A Root Canal Hurt?

Most people have the misconception that a root canal treatment is painful and they avoid treating their infected tooth. This is a major health risk as the infection can spread to other parts of your body. One must keep in mind that the root canal treatment in Chandler is pain relieving and it is the infection that causes severe pain and damage to your oral health. The discomfort you face will be from the infected tooth and will remain until you seek proper dental care.

However, if you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, you can always talk to your dentist in Chandler, who will understand your concerns and will make sure to find a way to make the treatment more comfortable. Just remember you will be put under local anesthesia, and the area will be numb. You may experience some tenderness after the procedure, which is normal and temporary. However, if you experience severe pain after a root canal, you need to visit the dentist right away!

What Are The Signs I Need A Root Canal?

  • Swollen tender or red gums
  • If you have a deep cavity
  • A cracked tooth or chipped tooth
  • If you have a loose filling
  • Pimples in your gums
  • Severe toothaches
  • Increased sensitivity
  • If you face difficulties in chewing
  • Fever 

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned signs, you need to visit the best dentist in Chandler to ensure your tooth is saved and restored. If left untreated, the tooth infection will spread to the surrounding areas, and eventually the tooth will become loose and will need extraction.

Root Canal Treatment In Chandler, AZ

If you are suffering from a toothache or any other symptoms mentioned above, contact Shumway Dental Care right away! We will ensure to provide you with immediate relief and care. You don’t have to worry about the pain, as you will be in the hands of the experts who will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. 

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