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Tooth-Friendly Foods You Should Stock Up On

Tooth-Friendly FoodsChandler Family Dentist

Can you eat certain foods that will help you have healthy teeth? The answer to the question is a resounding “yes.” While some foods are notoriously bad for your teeth, other foods can keep your teeth stronger inside and out, and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Here’s yourtooth-friendly foods guide.

Tooth-Friendly Foods List


Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, which remains the prime element in the makeup of teeth. Eating cheese also increases the saliva in a person’s mouth, making cheese an excellent choice to keep the mouth healthy as well as the teeth. The protein in cheese also further provides strength to a tooth’s enamel.


Yogurt is a favorite food with many people due in the tooth-friendly foods list. It has a number of flavors available too. Yogurt is one of the tooth friendly foods that remains a bountiful source of calcium, protein, and probiotics. Calcium and protein harden and strengthens bones, the jaw, and teeth. The probiotics in yogurt benefit a person’s intestinal bacteria. These same probiotics also prevent damage from occurring in the teeth as the probiotic kills cavity-causing germs. Choose a sugar-free type of yogurt or plain yogurt to give your teeth all the benefits without adding sugar and potential tooth decay.


The American Dental Association would prefer that people stay away from most types of sweets. A healthy alternative to sugary candy and other sweets is the crunchy, juicy apple. Eating an apple increases the saliva inside the mouth. This saliva also rinses the mouth of germs and food particles. The fiber in the fruit stimulates the gums as well as providing needed roughage to the diet. These properties make an apple the perfect ending to a meal, as the fruit cleans the teeth of food particles until an individual can get to their toothbrush.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are low in sugar and calories and packed with nutrition. Kale, celery, and spinach especially meet the criteria for food high in calcium. These two leafy vegetables are also high in folic acid which can be a key ingredient inpreventing gum disease. Toss a bit of baby spinach and kale into your next salad for flavor and to build stronger teeth.


Eggs remain one of the best sources of vitamin D. These tooth-friendly foods are also a concentrated source of calcium, and vitamin D assists the body in utilizing the calcium in the egg to its utmost. While spending a little time in the sun each day is ok, too much sun may cause skin cancer. So eat eggs to increase the amount of vitamin D received in your daily diet.


Almonds are a tasty source of both calcium and protein without adding extra sugar to your diet.


Sweet carrots add a ton of vitamins and minerals to your diet as well as adding fiber. Eating carrots also enable you to make more saliva, which keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. Chewing crunchy carrots also removes the tartar from your teeth.

Along with eating healthy foods, you will still need to brush your teeth at least twice per day, floss regularly and have professional dental cleanings done at least twice a year. Eat these health-filled food selections and do proper oral hygiene daily to keep your smile dazzling.

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