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What You Should Know About Dentures

Suffering from gum disease? Lost teeth because of it? Look nowhere else, you are in urgent need of dentures. Gum disease and lost teeth are two of the major reasons for getting dentures. Set up an appointment with your dentist today and explore facts about dentures we bet you didn’t know till now!

What are they?

Dentures are considered to be removable appliances, which are capable of replacing missing teeth. It helps you restore your smile and benefits your appearance and oral health. You need to wear dentures at least 8 hours a day, which helps your jawbones and gums to get used to the dental application. However, when you’re brushing or flossing, you need to remove them. 

How do dentures function? 

Dentures are simple replacements of your natural teeth, which helps you regain the bone volume that you lost. Usually, dentures are made of plastic, metal, and nylon. Dentures are specifically designed for giving you comfort in your gums, which you don’t get once you lose a lot of teeth. Dentures in Chandler help you fill the gaps that you have in your mouth. In addition, dentures are found to remain in place with the help of a close fit, which is dedicated to fitting in the underlying gums alongside the bone tissue. It uses a gum-colored acrylic base, which helps the denture to sit directly over your gum tissue. 

The different types of dentures

Traditional Dentures

To treat significant tooth loss, you might need to wear traditional dentures. Some research suggests that older persons must utilize this to maintain a straight bite. To maintain a perfect balance in your mouth and prevent any form of slipperiness, these dentures are positioned around the jawbone and gum tissue that is still there.

Custom, High-End Dentures

High-end dentures tend to use acrylic and porcelain-based teeth. This type of denture is considered to provide a superior level of longevity and is also very durable. One of the perks of having a high-end denture is that it is custom-made, with all the necessary detailing, thereby providing an aesthetically pleasing look to you. Since they are customized for you, you will be able to get a suitable fitting, which is very satisfying and comforting. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are considered to be the major development in the field of modern prosthetics. Your oral surgeon tends to surgically attach six implants, which are namely titanium screws into your jawbone, to keep the alignment of the gum tissues intact. These dentures are found to provide a better quality of life in comparison to traditional dentures, thanks to the titanium posts implanted on gums, which keep your teeth alignment on point. 

How long do dentures last?

Dentures have a longer lifespan of more than 7 to 10 years, making them quite durable. This is mostly due to the ongoing alteration that wearing partial dentures causes to your bone structure and gum tissue. You should take off your dentures before going to bed to extend their lives. It’s because your saliva flow has a detrimental impact on your dentures. A dental disorder known as denture stomatitis results from such a situation. Use your dentures wisely!

Routine care is essential

You must take care of your dentures in the same way that you take care of your dental health. This involves maintaining your dentures regularly, allowing you to significantly extend their lifespan. The following regular care is thought to be useful for efficiently treating the dentures:

  • If you wear dentures while eating, you must clean them afterward.
  • Brush your dentures lightly with a toothbrush to clean them. After that, soak them in the non-abrasive denture cleaning to get rid of any leftover food or plaque.
  • You must immerse your dentures in water for the whole night.
  • To ensure your teeth are healthy, schedule routine dental visits.

Schedule an appointment with our leading dentists in Chandler 

Suffering from tooth decay? Lost most of your teeth and don’t know what to do? we got you covered. Visit Shumway Dental Care and get dentures in Chandler. Our extensive services related to dentures are just the perfect match for you. Consult with our leading dentists as we help you restore your oral health like before. Contact us today!

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